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STARTING UP: The new Mackay Northern Beaches Rotary Club committee.

New rotary club to give back to community

THE SIXTH Mackay region Rotary club met for the first time this month, as numbers are growing rapidly across the existing clubs.
Rotary Club of Mackay North president Neil Wallace said the new club would be a welcome addition to the expanding group, and hoped to attract 25 members over the next 12 months.
“Across all clubs six in the Mackay region today, there are about 206 Rotarians,” he said.
“It’s a great way to meet people from all walks of life but also give back to the community in some way.
“The group meets on every second and fourth Wednesday of the month to discuss and work on different community projects and initiatives.”
Some of these projects include the monthly Troppo Markets, raising money for charity, helping in disaster situations like Cyclone Debbie and any other ideas that aim to better the local community.
A recent program run through the Rotary Club of Mackay was the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Day (RYDA).


EDUCATING: This year the Rotary Club of Mackay North held their 15th annual driver awareness program with over 200 local students.

On July 25 and 26, the club invited over 200 Year 10 students to the Mackay PCYC to be educated about road knowledge and driving decisions. The initiative included a talk from local police, a doctor, an accident victim, driving instructors and even had practical stopping distance lessons.
Media task president Larry Slattery said the program was hugely successful in changing the attitudes of youth on the roads, and made an impact on their most recent attendees.
“Essentially the goal is to save young lives, because stats show that once drivers have their Ps they are the most hazardous on the road,” Mr Slattery said.
“We had about 200 this year but 350 students came last year, and we should have another school on board in 2018.
“The teachers involved have said themselves they think they see a change in the student’s attitudes toward driving throughout the day. It’s worthwhile, we’ve been running them for 15 years.”
The club also has several other initiatives in the pipeline, including an ‘adopt-a-road’ project, which aims to encourage organisations to select and clean up a certain section of busy roads in the region.
“We started it a few months ago and basically a few times a year we walk through and clean up all the rubbish on a certain section of road,” Mr Wallace said.
“Earlier this year we picked up 85 kilograms of rubbish and two weeks ago we picked up another 50kg.
“We want it to pick up properly in Mackay and see more organisations getting on board. If they do we can pitch a sign to say they are to thank for keeping this area clean.”
Mr Wallace said the project would not only keep Mackay looking clean and welcoming but would restore a sense of pride in the community too.

The Daily Mercury
Mackay, Queensland


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